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"I wanted to have my new photography studio website SEO ready, James of Zagdesigns was professional, trustworthy and worked very quickly to get it all done. Definately would reccomend to anyone that needs this doing, work was thorough and is already proving effective.

I will be using him again for my own personal photography page/business in the future, great service.

Thanks again!"

-C. Bradshaw, Co-0wner

Search Engine Optimization Service


What to Expect from a ZagDesignz.Com Search Engine Optimization Project. Chances are you’re like many of our customers, you may be wondering about how to get your website to perform better in the major search engines like Google and Yahoo! You may be wondering:

• What determines which site will come up on top when you type in your keywords?
• What are all those other "Sponsored" links on the top and to the side?
• Why does your competitor's site come up way ahead of yours?

You may have even heard people talking about "meta tags" and shortcut methods of fooling the search engine to get a website up on top. Some web marketing firms even claim to be able to get your site ranked #1, guaranteed!

At ZagDesignz.Com, we take a reasonable, rational, intelligent and practical approach. We have developed a process over the past few years, that has produced great results for ourselves and our customers.


At ZagDesignz.Com, we believe the place to start, is with finding out what real people, in the real world, type in their browser when they are looking for your product or service. All industries and market segments have their own language and terms, but your customers may use entirely different terms when looking for your product or service.

For example, an office furniture company may think that people will search using "preowned office furniture" because it sounds better and it is the industry standard term. However, real people in the real world search for "used office furniture" ten times more often.

Our realistic approach is to first perform research to identify what search words and phrases real people use every day to find our customers products and services. This research enables us to make intelligent recommendations on how to best optimize the content of your web pages in order to raise your website position in search engine results on those phrases.


Price $400

Includes Search Engine Submission

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